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It describes, in plain language and clear pictures, how to set up a radio using the radio keypad, without cloning cables or additional software. Alinco djg7t transceivers ht triband 2m70cm23cm, djg7t. I hope these procedures will make it easier for you to operate and enjoy your alinco djs11 transceiver. Alinco djg5t, handheld vhfuhf transceiver the alinco djg5t is capable of uhfvhf full duplex. Do you have any tricks, modifications or constructions for homebrewed equipment that are not on mods. Brand model, full duplex triband handheld, the djg7 from alinco that meets the needs of the most demanding ham operators. This link is listed in our web site directory since tuesday apr 23 2002, and till today alinco djx 10 software has been followed for a total of 4254 times. Back to alinco next htportable last modified 20111019 alinco djg29t. The alinco dx10 is a multimode mobile transceiver that provides access for new radio amateurs to the 10 meter band. High quality, high gain ht antenna with flexible whip. Kgsdr is free sdr software enabling display and control of radio by simple connection to iq signals. Djg29t 222902mhz dual band fm transceiver user manual 7 details for fcc id ph3djg29t made by alinco incorporated, electronics division.

It includes many of the common radios youll find in the fieldand some that you may run into only once or twice. I hope their decision to discontinue the dj g29t doesnt indicate that they took a bath on it. This software a freeware is for applicable models indicated above. It displays channel activity on 7 different frequencies. Second hand alinco djg7 triband handheld transceiver 2m70cms23cms. Cw 1 extra alinco ebp73 battery pack 1 alinco edc43 dc cable 1 alinco ems59 speaker microphone 1 alinco eds10 mic adapter. Alinco djg29t dj g29 t djg29t programming interface schematics for alinco. Describe your experience with the alinco djg7 and tell us why you give it the rating you did required. Mount the eds14 or eds10 cable to the djg29ts accessory port.

Apkg7 programming software only for the alinco djg7 from. Increase the performance on your alinco dj g29t with a diamond srh series antenna. Save alinco dj 596 to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. The alinco djg7 triband handheld transceiver 2m70cms23cms. Second hand alinco djg7 triband handheld transceiver. Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 and 8. Please contact your local alinco dealer for details prior to purchase. However, alinco sort of dropped the ball when it came to developing a dedicated sdr software package for the radio. Please note that the documents are in pdf format and some of them are zipped. Programming software for alinco djg29t dj g29 t djg29t.

Dj500ts offer landmobile grade operation and a powerful, full 5watts output on 2meters and 70cm. The software detailed below is provided to those who agree to the terms of the software. It can display activity in vfo mode or in memory mode. I have recently bought the alinco djv17 handheld transceiver and am having difficulty getting the cloning software to work has anyone else had similar problems and if so how did you get round them. Thank you for visiting alinco s online manual page. The ground breaking alinco djg29t dualband transceiver gives you operation on the 222 1. View and download alinco dj g5te instruction manual online. After numerous attempts to purchase one locally, i saw that aes had them in stock and called them up last week. One of its most striking features is a channel scope. Apk500 programming software for the alinco dj500 optional signaling optional code squelch mode tx power skip step dtmf ptt id 5tone ptt id scrambler switch busy channel lockout compander comment receive frequency transmit frequency offset frequency offset direction channel spacing name tone mode ctcss rx ctcss dcs rx dcs dcs polarity memory. Alinco djx11t receivers communications receivers, djx11t.

Automotive free delivery possible on eligible purchases. I said i wasnt familiar with models put out by that company, but that i would do my best. It is also useful for the seasoned operator looking for a simple, inexpensive mobile transceiver. All of our alinco software is available through any alinco dealer. Along with the most reliable software, rt systems makes the best cables for programming andor control. The main category is ms dos amateur radio programs that is about msdos ham radio programs. Alinco djg29t instruction manual pdf dealers manual for alinco djg29t dj g29 t. The djx11 is a decent little receiver on its own, but when used with sdr software it gets even better.

Software that supports these radios from alinco may not support windows 10. Djg29t clone utility download this software a freeware is for applicable models indicated above. When the user selects and clicks download link, agreement to the terms of the software license is inferred and the user is bound by the terms of alinco,inc hereafter alinco license agreement. The alinco djx11 even with its shortcomings has been a neat little hybrid wideband receiver with sdr capabilities. Alinco djg7 dj g7 djg7 fm triband handh radioworld. About alinco djx 10 software the resource is currently listed in in a single category. Its great travelling with the radio seeing i can dial up all the local 900 mhz repeaters without. Ftdi usb programming cable alinco djg29t djg7 djg7eg.

Alinco djx11t wideband handheld communications receiver. Usb programming cable for alinco radios radioarena. A userfriendly windowsbased software defined radio software for supported receivers. On one hand, you say that buyers of the alinco djg29t will have to stock up on accessories for the radio and then, on the other hand, you say that these buyers could buy an motorola radio and use the accessories they already own. Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators. I have downloaded the free djv17s17 clone utility and acquired the interface cable to allow me to connect to the serial port com1 on my personal computer. Ftdi usb programming cable alinco djg29t djg7 djg7eg erw7 2. Alinco dj500t dualband handheld transceivers dj500t. View and download alinco djg7 instruction manual online. Alinco djg29t dj g29 t djg29t service manual and specs alinco djv57t dj v57 t djv57t service manual and specs. Alinco djx11t wideband handheld communications receivers allow you to get the power of a desktop receiver in a handheld radio. Alinco dx10 10 meter amateur radio with ssb am fm cw modes. Ctcss, dtmf, dcs and 5tones are standard, along with a variety of tone bursts for repeater access or selective calling. Apkg29 software software program memories and other setting of the alinco djg29 radio.

The alinco djg1t is 2 meter ht with 70 cm band receive capability. Document includes user manual part 15 with 38 db rejection. Kgsdr can control frequency, mode and other parameters of supported radios by using a pcconnection cable. The alinco djg29t was introduced during the 2011 dayton hamvention. Alinco deserves respect for taking the risk of designing and marketing a rig that essentially is only going to sell in and to a limited customer base both bands are unique to region 2. Alinco djg7t 2m70cm23cm triband handheld radio get ready for action as you hear signals that you may never have heard before. Bluemax49ers ftdi usb programming cable alinco dxsr8 dxsr8t dxsr9 dxsr9t djx3e djx3t dr8 dx. Djg29 radio programming software alinco radio software. New extio for alinco djx11 allows for third party sdr. Here i tell a little bit about my older alinco wideband receiver,portable handheld. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. Alinco djx10 solve device problem videos, documents. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. I had been trying to get my hands on the new alinco djg7 ht for some time now, especially since it is currently the only ht that can do 2 meters, 440mhz, and 1.

In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. I hope their decision to discontinue the djg29t doesnt indicate that they took a bath on it. The images shown here are usually the standard tuscanadian models. Djg29t djg29t 222902mhz dual band fm transceiver user. This is freeware so no support from alinco or the software author whoever that is. Alinco upc 4969182350197 availability this product requires special order. Alinco djx11t wideband handheld receivers djx11t free. Apkg7 programming software only for the alinco djg7. For over 23 years, rt systems has produced the most uptodate amateur radio software for all the top radio manufacturers. Alinco dj500t dualband handheld transceivers are loaded with advanced features. In case of nonzipped pdf, and you have slower connection to the internet, it may take up to several minutes until the documents appear on your screen even though the pdf. If you prefer to be anonymous write it in the message. The accessories shown in the product images within this site such as microphones may differ depending on the version you purchase.

We demonstrated the software in the alinco booth at the dayton. Please be sure to install driver software of erw7 before start using it windows 7 may not require a manual install of the driver. Alinco introduces the worlds first 222902mhz dualband ht. Product intended for use by properly licensed operators. Cloning capability between djg29t units or through pc optional cable needed quickwrite memory channels. Alinco djv5 dj v 5 djv5 programming interface schematics for alinco. Please note that the programming software is not supplied with the cable. This guide is an indispensable quick reference for that situation. In my case ive become enchanted with the alinco djg29t.

Actually this ht has so many functions that i still did not read the complete manual. Djx11 has an iq signal output that can be used with 3rdparty software to operate as a sdr. Cloning capability between djg29t units or through pc optional cable needed quickwrite memory channels direct frequency input through illuminated keypad dtmf encode and autodialer 500 memories with memory banks automatic repeatersetting function keylock function multiple scan functions. But the quality and performance of this radio is great. The software detailed below is provided to those who agree to the terms of the software license. The new alinco djg7t triband transceiver gives you sophisticated operation on 2 meters, 440 and 1. It comes with a large easytoread lcd display, easytooperate keyboard and 80 memory channels. An example of the latter is alincos new djx11t with its 50 khz0 mhz less cellular tuning range, which includes ssb reception for voice and data demodulation found in the shortwave range a mode not available on. Please bring any errors, changes or improvements to the attention of arv hamer, wa6uut.

Full duplex operation is supported on any two bands. I use it more as a one frequency receiver than a multiple frequency scanner. Youre supposed to program your handheld radio by connecting it to a. The software detailed below is provided to those who. Alinco djx7k dj x7k djx7k wide band comm radioworld. Click here to write a new message or comment for djg7 note that the message is not related to any article click here to see the article list for djg7.

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