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Electric motor dynamometer test system controller mpicon. The success of your business relies on the quality of your products and services. Electric motor testing dynamometer manufacturers, suppliers. Motor test rig, small motor testing systems technology. Electric hybrid motor dynamometer ranging from fractional horsepower to thousands, wineman technologys electric motor dynamometers incorporate the latest technology to provide robust and flexible test systems. This is a universal benchtop inertia motor dynamometer dyno that measures the. Dynamometers test cell controls sakor technologies. The motor dynamometer not only needs to meet three major technical parameters such as speed, torque and power, but also meets various requirements like load characteristics, working system, acceleration, starting, braking, overload capacity and speed regulation characteristics. These electric motor dynos allow for minimal hp testing. Dynomite electronics, software, and even free doityourself dyno plans. Magtrols dynamometers, electronics and software are used for testing all types of electric and pneumatic motors, gas engines and gearheads, as well as servo drives and inverters. Learn more about what taylor dyno can do for your engine testing. In order to ensure quality for your customers, you need accurate testing equipment that your team can easily operate.

Servo motor load test equipment loading test system l600. Electric motor testing equipment, along with accessories such as motor temperature, winding temperature measurements, motors mounting test bed, test stands with t. From this information we provide you with a detailed analysis on all motors incoming and outgoing. Doityourself dynamometer construction and conversions. In addition to providing convenient engine starting, motoring allows testing friction losses. It offers the test control and data acquisition capabilities required for basic electric motor testing as well as all the benefits of an ac motoring dynamometer but is priced up to 35 percent less than other systems. At jenkins, history and innovation arent at conflictthey work hand in hand. Such stalltorque capability is especially useful for testing electric motors, vehicle launch, etc. I1200 industrial dynamometer wagga wagga riverina nsw. Application systems is an iso 90012008 certified maufacturers, suppliers and exporters of electric motor testing dynamometer used for testing various motors electric motor testing dynamometer various dynamometers are offered for electric motor testing, ac motor testing, dc motor testing, fractional hp motor testing, air motor testing. Torque testing dynamometers, torque loading dynamometers, consists eddy current dynamometers, powder dynamometers, tandem dynamometer, ac regenerative dynamometers with suitable test beds, test benches, to mount devices under test, test beds, test benches, are specially designed to accommodate test devices for various types of mountings such as, foot mounting, flange mounting, vertically.

Mar 23, 2020 power tests electric motor test systems feature our highly successful water brake absorber which is similarly used as an electric motor dynamometer. The line of motor testing dynamometers offers highaccuracy testing for designers and manufacturers of electric motors of any size, for use in applications ranging from large industrial equipment to consumer appliances, including fans, refrigerators, and washing machines. Dynomite ac engine dynamometer and chassis dyno absorbers, drives and. Dynomax software the heart of your dynamometer investment. Torque testing with a dynamometer software improvements to increase efficiency. Benchtop electric motor inertia dynamometer dyno minipro. Electric motor services global electronic services. Jenkins electric our proprietary motor test systems. Dynamometers for electric motor testing new equipment digest. Magtrols dual test 7 is a stateoftheart motor testing software for pc windows xp sp378 based data acquisition. Magtrols dynamometers, electronics and software are used for testing all types of electric and pneumatic motors, gas engines and gearheads, as well as servo. Dynamometers, or dyno s, are used for measuring motor torques and therefore power as a function of speed. More specifically, they may be employed for testing electric motors, internal combustion engines, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors, etc. Dynamometer engine dyno test cell solutions taylor dyno.

The dynolab lt is a lowcost, complete turnkey system for electric motor testing. Used with a magtrol programmable dynamometer controller dsp7002, dual test 7 works on two channels independently with any magtrol dynamometer or inline torque transducer to help determine the performance characteristics of a motors under test. Power test s electric motor test systems give you the ability to verify the quality of your electric motors in a controlled, costsaving, environment. Motor test bench, electric motor dynamometer powerlink.

This dyno is great tool for motor analysis, esc boost adjustment, brushless sensor adjustment, gearing calculation, etc. Hybrid vehicle testing electric vehicle test sakor. We offer a full inhouse rebuild and repair shop with machining capabilities to ensure you have a motor in perfect working order. The e series is also capable of testing high rpm motors up to 3600 rpm making this dynamometer a truly universal dynamometer. Power test s wide range of engine dynamometers feature water brake, eddy current, and alternating current braking technologies, and are capable of testing engines ranging from 50 to 10,000 horsepower. Dynamometers, or dynos, are used for measuring motor torques and therefore power as a function of speed. This is a universal benchtop inertia motor dynamometer dyno that measures the rpm, kv rpmvoltage, voltage, current draw, power and torque output of a electric motor. Learn more about sakors industry leading precision dynamometer test systems. Aw dynamometer high quality dynamometers built 100% inhouse. Dyne systems electric motor testing systems provide reliability, durability, and flawless performance. Most competitively priced dynamometer for motor testing built with mbs. When it comes to quality dynamometers and dyno test cell solutions, trust in taylor dynamometer. Electric motor testing dynamometer manufacturers, suppliers and.

Stanley electric can provide motor and inventory management. Emotor dynamometer test systems testing electric motors, drivers and software are controlled and programmed by mpicon general industrial controller. A universal dynamometer can serve both motoring and absorption functions. Beyond dyno electric motor testing services, global electronic services is able to perform a broad set of work and testing on your ac and dc motors. The scope of motor test rig, small motor testing systems comprise mechanical components such as drive test setups with torque sensor, dynamometer with torque and speed measurement and manual or external control, as well as computer controlled complete solutions for the analysis and documentation of electrical machinery.

It accurately places a controllable load on electric motors ranging from 10 through 4,500 horsepower. Powertest dyno services focus on a long term partnership, power test is committed to understanding your needs and providing you with exceptional service. Electric hybrid motor dynamometer electric motor dyno test. Simple, lowcost dynamometer setup for motor testing part 1. Aw e series dynamometers excel at producing high torque loads at low rpm making this series an excellent choice for testing dc motors and others. There are no software licenses required, no external calibrations or reoccurring charges. An electric motor generator dynamometer is a specialized type of test stand on which the motor generator can operate as a motor that drives the unit being tested or as a generator that is driven by the unit being tested. Dyno s may also apply a known load to a motor for endurance testing while simulating realworld applications. What is a dynamometer the fundamentals of dynamometer systems. Jul 28, 2005 new products are coming on the market to ease traditionally complex tasks of dynamometer testing of electric motors.

Our experts will assist you in determining which configuration is right for your testing needs. With over 50 dynamometers to choose from, and the availability of customised motor test systems cmts, virtually every motor testing requirement can be met. Dynos may also apply a known load to a motor for endurance testing while simulating realworld applications. Power tests electric motor test systems give you the ability to verify the quality of your electric motors in a controlled, costsaving, environment. Mar 26, 2020 other than testing the motor itself, a dynamometer helps engineers test how their motorcontrol algorithms and motordriving power electronics respond to these conditions. The motor test bench and electric motor dynamometer, uses eddy current dynamometer to test motors for automotive or industrial applications, performs a wide range of motor durability and factory testing. We can offer turnkey edyno test rigs with different power and speed ranges. Since the software is the dynamometers most important component, be sure to choose wisely. The eseries electric motor dynamometers are an excellent solution for testing ac and dc electric motors. Motor test equipment magtrol offers three types of dynamometers, each with a different braking system to absorb load. Hil testing for power electronics systems national instruments. Stanley electric performs surge comparison and polarization index test, followed by a complete report delivered to our customers. No prior computer knowledge is required to start testing and analyzing data like the pros. Iodp stands for an integrated and open development platform, that gives you immediate access to the entire knowledge and skillset from simulation and testing departments within your organization.

These electric motor dynos allow for ease of testing as they offer the advantage of dissipating heat via aircooled fin technology. Dc powers supply, battery management system communication and high speed testing are special features of these test rigs. Ebike motor and controller michigan state university. Motor test bench, small motor testing systems dynoequip. A case in point is introduction of dynolab lta lowcost, complete turnkey system for electric motor testingfrom sakor technologies inc.

Intuitive and flexible inertia test automation software and gui. Dynamometers software controllers power supplies and conditioners power analyzers revision date refers to the english version, unless no english language manual is available. Magtrol offers three types of dynamometers, each with a different braking system to absorb load. Which means that though the power circuit in our motor test systems has remain unchanged for half a century, we also utilize the latest in industrial software technology. Mar 05, 2019 powerlevel testing using a motor emulator to fully exercise both the control system and the power electronics. Design and implementation of a small electric motor. Preset motor test control operations and methods can complete motor performance test, load test, durability test and reliability test. Dynamometer testing a hp vertical, solid shaft, motor on a 4160.

Motor test rig electric motor test rig manufacturer from thane. Sakor technologies hybrid electric vehicle powertrain dynamometer test system hevidyne, winner of the sae 2008 technical award for hybrid electric vehicle testing technology, is a comprehensive solution for performance, efficiency, and durability testing of all types of hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains, including. Torque testing dynamometers torque analyser, testing. Used with a magtrol programmable dynamometer controller, mtest 5. Lowcost ac dynamometer for basic electric motor testing. Dynamometers for motor testing power absorption dynamometer. Motoring dynamometer, measure force, torque, power, speed. Motoring ac dynamometer systems and dyno mite drives. Universal industrial diesel engine electric motor the aw i1200 dynamometer is the largest industrial diesel engine electric motor dyno in this series. Dynomax creates a full engine dynamometer lab console on your pc. Whether you require an ac test bench or eddy current test bench. Mtest7 motor test software is offered as a single seat license. The foundation for this to work is the interconnection of all elements in the vehicle development proccess independent of tools or suppliers.

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