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The arc welding robot station is the typical and perfect matching item of gene controller and kawasaki robot. Nrs offers 14 models of otc daihen welding power supplies, each having its own unique benefits. Together we offer automated welding and manual welding otc daihen, inc. Search in otc daihen catalogs and technical brochures on directindustry and find. Advanced arc welding robots aii series michigan arc products. Our universal interface and retrofit wire feeder options make combining any.

Superior operational performance and welding quality. Welding robots, systems and power sources otc daihen. When you work with otc daihen, you can try before you invest in expensive preengineered robotic welding cells. Otc daihen offers its control bridge transfer, which controls the parameters of a shortcircuit gas metal arc weld both electronically and physically, brooks said. It is possible to scroll through teaching programs, make an adjustment to wire aiming. Mig torch for aluminium welding the otc mig robotic welding torch version with gas and water cooling has been developed especially for aluminium arc welding. Otc daihen dr series robotic mig welding robot ebay. Dw 300 digital ac dc mig pulse arc welding machine. The otc wig robotic welding torch version with gas and water cooling has been developed for arc welding without and with cold wire optional. Otc daihen is happy to help you find the answers to your specific questions.

The increased interest in robotic welding made it natural for ppm robotics as to deepen its cooperation with otc daihen europe. Daihen varstroj represents a wide range of innovative solutions in the area of welding, cutting and robotics. Specification for the qualification of robotic arc welding. Along with otc daihen, modern machinery provides a variety of welding equipment to meet our customer s needs. Otc daihen fdqt seam tracking sensor seam gap with adaptive weld fill duration. Almega series are the robots with high performance and various functions developed by making full use of the latest technology. Dont miss your opportunity to gain insight to finding qualified. Products perfect welding machine needs a arc welding robot, contact tip, handling robot, plasma cutting, spot machine, welding torch items under otc brand of quality welding products. Since its founding in 1919, the osaka transformer company otc has focused on bringing the benefits of innovative technology to diverse customer applications. Welding robots category otc daihen pdf catalogs technical.

We offer a couple options that many of our clients find helpful when they want to change. Call and ask how we can integrate a system for you. Daihens industrial robots are not only used in japan but can be found in automotive plants lines all over the world. At otc daihen, we believe in offering our clients a onestop shop for all their robotic welding needs. Automating your welding process for faster, better results. You can see daihens industrial robots in automotive production lines, not only japan, but worldwide. Otc daihen, welding positioner, otc axc welding positioner, otc axc head stock. Download the welding interface digital setup tool from the otc website onto your computer. Otc robot manual basic robotic programming otc daihen daily operation of otc daihen robots please note this course is a nonwelding course upon successful completion of this course. Otc daihen is your onestopshop for innovative welding and robotics solutions that maximize productivity. Helps you find better welding conditions with onetouch operation. Otc daihen india private limited is a fully owned subsidiary of daihen corporation a welding technology leader in japan. Otcdaihen will have their mobile unit onsite for handson welding and capital robotics will have a robotic arm with controller on demo. Just contact us today for help from an otc daihen representative.

While robotic welding cells have helped manufacturers improve productivity, even the latest and greatest robots are idle during the programming process. Offline programming and simulation in robotic welding. Welding robot otc daihen corporation almega exv6 sorry the machine has been sold already. Consult otc daihens entire welding robots category catalogue on directindustry. Support welding applications including co2 mag, mig, and tig. One option that many of our clients are still unaware of is our handson robotic training. Regardless if it is a simple weld or a complex, multilayer, weaving pattern. As a single source provider of both manual and robotic welding equipment, we pledge to support you completely. The aws d16 committee on robotic and automatic welding was organized in 1985 to provide centralized source for. This type of 6 kg payload robot is the most common model for all purpose of welding. It was used in midthick metal sheet welding in different industries for automatic welding and. Large memory capacity and 40 input 40 output control signals.

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