Software for branching databases ks2

How does this resource excite and engage childrens learning. Support video for teachers who are using my computing in the cloud scheme of work. The main branching tree was designed by the pupils, and lots of examples of their own work are also visible. Jit, a complete set of online tools for reception and ks1. Branching databases display identify and sort the sweets using the branching key. Play our cool ks1 and ks2 games to help you with maths, english and more. Data data everywhere yr4 jit branching database youtube. Cow horse pig sheep we are going to sort a set of animals using a branching database. The most intuitive branching tree database for education kudlian. Computing programme of study by the end of ks2 pupils should be taught to. Computing curriculum year 1 to 6 hunters hall primary school. Database is an exciting online database program designed for education with the. Stripped and downsized to the bare necessities, but still very powerful.

Ks4 ages 14 16 concepts to ks2 ages 7 11 children, and also focuses on investigating. Science games for kids, learning science in a fun way. The children are then shown how to make a multimedia branching keys using powerpoint. Sodadb simple online database is a new approach to online databases.

A kinaesthetic learning activity called human branching databases, which is a little like. Pupils use the cards to interrogate the interactive branching database and identify animals through their characteristics. Free interactive primary science or elementary key stage 2 science for kids teacher resources. Ks2 computing learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic. The video explains how to use purple mash 2question to create a branching database. A list of resources hardware, software, apps is available on the computing and ict site of the learning. Six flipchart lessons covering cross curricular work in science keys and it branching databases. Any freeopen database software suitable for ks1 8 yr. Learning objectives design and create a range of programs, systems and content that accomplish given goals, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information. A colourful and pupil friendly interface that encourages creativity in lessons. A set of lesson resources around a presentation explaining how a branching database is organised and used to differentiate between organisms. Any freeopen database software suitable for ks1 8 yr olds. Introduction to spreadsheets mike watson introduction to spreadsheets mike watson spreadsheets assessment angela sargeant introduction to formulae stephen norwood pdf. Classifying organisms with a branching database teaching.

Please note that some of these resources use activstudio software. Database uses databases ks3 ict revision bbc bitesize. Flexitree 3 is a branching database program which is designed for primary schools. The materials cover comparing and contrasting online keys or databases based on tree identification. National curriculum computing programmes of study for ks1 and ks2, 2014. It is much quicker to query or search a database than it is to riffle through hundreds or even thousands of. The video shows how to create a branching database using jit branch to sor. Identify common garden birds using this simple branching database. Pretend you do not know their names sort the objects into 2. Flexitree 3 a branching database for schools flexible software ltd. Animals branching database activity pack teacher made. I used this with my year 4 class to help them understand the hierarchical nature of the database and that 3 levels of questions apply to the organisms at the bottom level. An interactive and fun way to develop understanding of branching databases and. It can help deliver the following national curriculum computing requirements.

Databases can store huge amounts of data without taking up any space in the real world. Animals branching database activity pack teacher made twinkl. Yesno guess the object game introduces branching database gareth pitchford flash web downloadable program. Create a kodu world of your own design populate the kodu world with at least three. Although designed to meet the needs of the branching database and decision tree. Flexitree 3 is a branching database program which is designed for primary. Data data everywhere yr4 2question branching database.

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